Retail: Culinaire The Cook’s Shop

New Retail: Culinaire The Cook’s Shop

Many don’t know where to look when it comes to finding a great location for your kitchen, bakeware, and cookware needs. Culinaire The Cook’s Shop at Southcenter Mall has made it easy for those who want to create beautiful, delicious meals. Now partnered with Pirq, you can earn amazing rewards and VIP deals while shopping for your culinary creations.

Culinaire offers the tools you need from top quality manufacturers. Items they offer include knives, appliances, dishes, all sorts of cookware, and a never-ending variety of other tools. Its products have a professional feel to ensure that its customers are satisfied with its sleek look. Culinaire works with newly remodeled kitchens or those that just want to replace outdated kitchenware while having exceptional service to help you mix and match your culinary flavors to your liking. The owner of Culinaire was inspired by her grandmother who had a passion for creating meals that would delight every sense.

So make sure to stop by Culinaire The Cook’s Shop at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila. They’re sure to satisfy all of your cooking and kitchenware needs. And after five loyalty punches, you’ll receive $20 off your next visit! What can get better than that?