Merchant: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

New Merchant: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

For many, it’s difficult to resist the aroma of freshly-baked pretzels, which is why Auntie Anne’s has been a personal favorite since 1988. And now Pirq has teamed up with not one, but two Auntie Anne’s locations in SouthCenter Mall! So start enjoying your savory and sweet doughy treats while earning rewards and VIP deals from Pirq!

Auntie Anne’s offers their original pretzel, as well as various other pretzel flavors including cinnamon sugar, honey whole grain, garlic, pepperoni, almond, jalapeño, raisin, sesame, and sour cream and onion. If you want to be selective with your portion, Auntie Anne’s also serves original pretzel stix and nuggets as well as cinnamon sugar stix and nuggets. The pretzel dogs are also another favorite, as it is wrapped around Nathan’s Famous hot dog. They even offer a jumbo size to take place of your lunch or dinner. And if you want to spice up the classic pretzel dog, Auntie Anne’s also offers the freshly baked cheese pretzel dog and jalapeño cheese pretzel dog.

Top off a few of your pretzel favorites with their variety of dips including reglar and melted cheese dip, hot salsa cheese dip, marinara, caramel dip, sweet glaze, sweet mustard dip, light cream cheese dip, and their newest Hershey’s fudge dip. If you’re feeling parched, Auntie Anne’s also offers a range of refreshment options. Sip on various coca-cola products, lemonade, lemonade mixers, frozen lemonade mixers, or the classic ICEE.

It’s hard to miss Auntie Anne’s delicious pretzel locations at Southcenter Mall once its freshly baked smell lingers around your tastebuds. And after five loyalty punches with Pirq, you’ll earn a free regular pretzel on your next visit! Visit either of Pirq’s Auntie Anne’s locations in Southcenter Mall, located on level-1 at D8 and D31.