Merchant: Candy Tyme

New Merchant: Candy Tyme

Candy is a staple for avid shoppers at the mall. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or want something to munch on during the clothes-browsing process, Candy Tyme at Southcenter Mall has got you covered. Pirq has teamed up with this sweet and tasty venue to offer a variety of 200 choices of candy. So pop into Candy Tyme and grab a handful of sour gummies or chocolate covered gummie bears!

Chocolate is the perfect go-to and at Candy Tyme, they offer Candy Basket Box Chocolates, dark, milk and white chocolate candies. For those of you hoping for a slightly healthier version while still satisfying your cravings, Candy Tyme also offers a variety of sugar-free options. Looking to put a little twist on the chocolate sensation? Candy Tyme has a selection of liquor-filled chocolates as well, making it that much harder to resist.

Not many candy shops are equipped with a wall of the infamous Jelly Bellies, but Candy Tyme gives you the opportunity to mix and match with their wall of flavors. You can even try creating new recipes!

So next time you’re shopping at Southcenter Mall, pay a visit to Candy Tyme! After ten loyalty punches with Pirq, you’ll receive a free 1/2 pound of bulk candy on your next visit. You might even score a special, VIP deal from them after you get a loyalty punch!