Restaurant: Racha Thai

New Restaurant: Racha Thai

Rarely does Thai cuisine around Seattle find a special way to incorporate the authentic variety of flavors from different regions of the Southeast Asian country. Thai food is a universal cuisine in the Pacific Northwest and is quite popular among Seattlelites. But if you’re looking to try something new, Racha Thai at Southcenter Mall does just that by satisfying the taste buds of the many people that walk through their door. Pirq has teamed up to offer those who dine at Racha Thai some amazing rewards and VIP deals.

Racha Thai offers a large variety of its delicious appetizers ranging from the traditional spring rolls and marinated, wrapped chicken breasts to two types of chicken wings. If you’re in the mood to try something different, the restaurant also offers coconut prawns and calamari fries that are served with a sweet chili sauce. Its spicy fish cakes and crab and shrimp wraps are destined to make your mouth water. For a lighter option, Racha Thai also offers chicken and prawn satays, soups, and salads.

Racha Thai’s unique menu makes it easy for customers to select their favorite noodle entrees, and then choose the variety of flavors and dishes that incorporate that type of noodle. Their options include Ba Mee Noodles which are round, thin vermicelli-type egg noodles, Sen Mee Noodles which are rice noodles, Sen Yai Noodles which are wide, rice flat noodles, and Sen Lek Noodles which are rice noodles that are 3 millimeters wide. Each has a different, popular Thai noodle dish that incorporates the appropriate noodles. Some of these include duck soups, marinated meats with other toppings, Pud See Ew, Rad Na, Pud Thai, and many more.

If you’re craving something other than a noodle dish, Racha Thai offers a variety of other entrees like Garlic Chicken, Golden Cashew, and the Eggplant that is paired with a side of rice. The restaurant also serves curry, rice dishes and seafood. They also understand that you might be in the mood to try some new flavors from other parts of Asia, which is why Racha Thai has gathered a few recipes of delicious dishes from countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Make sure you stop by Racha Thai in Southcenter Mall to indulge in delicious Thai food while maximizing your meal purchase with the Pirq app. The restaurant is equipped with our new digital punch card and after your 5th punch, you receive a free entree (up to a $13 value) on your next meal!