Merchant: TCBY

New Merchant: TCBY

Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth while opting for the healthier approach? TCBY has teamed up with Pirq to offer their delicious soft-serve Greek frozen yogurt at their Westfield Southcenter Mall location in Tukwila. TCBY has a variety of rich, soft-serve froyo flavors including their famous cake batter, cheesecake, caramel supreme, dutch chocolate, golden vanilla, red velvet and many more. TCBY also offers endless candy, fruit and nut toppings that allow individuals to personalize their own flavors.

However, soft-serve isn’t for everyone and while your taste buds are looking to indulge in the classic tart soft-serve froyo, your kids are begging for a sweeter hand-scooped option. That’s why TCBY also offers hand-scooped frozen yogurt that resembles the richness of ice cream without the extra calories, a disguise your children will never question. Among these hand-scooped flavors are Blueberries and Cream, Butter Pecan Perfection, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, and many more.

TCBY’s menu also includes specialty items such as their classic Banana Split, Cappuccino and Frappe Chillers, as well as milkshakes and sundaes. Traditional birthday cakes from your local grocery store are so last year and TCBY understands that, which is why they also feature a variety of tasty cakes and pies for your coworker’s next birthday celebration or your special anniversary. You no longer have to do the creative thinking for yourself because TCBY offers the Peanut Buttery Fudge Pie, Red Velvet Mousse Cake, Turtle Ripper Pie, and a variety of chocolate options.

So next time you are paying a visit to Southcenter, stop by TCBY to treat yourself to some sweet items on their delicious menu at a discount with Pirq’s amazing deals!