Coffee Spots on Pirq

Top Coffee Spots on Pirq

One beverage that Seattleites can never get enough of is coffee! Regardless of what time it is, a nice cup of coffee will always do the trick. Whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee on the go in the morning to wake yourself up, or sharing a relaxing cup of coffee with friends to simply catch up, we have a list of eight incredible coffee shops on Pirq that you’re sure to enjoy.

ABS Coffee Company:
ABS Coffee Company is a modern and delicious coffee shop located in in the heart of Mill Creek Town Center that will get your morning off to the perfect start. They have everything you would expect, such as espresso, lattes and chai. However, they also have unique options such as their Mint Mocha and English Red Raspberry flavor that you can add to any drink. The best part is that they share the same restaurant space as World’s Tastiest Frozen Yogurt, so after you’ve woken up with coffee, you can give their delicious froyo a try! All in all, ABS Coffee Company is a family-friendly place that offers something for everyone.


Brew Coffee House:
Located in Bothell, Brew Coffee House is a great place to bring your friends to sip on some quality coffee while you chat. They offer tasty coffee and plenty of alternative options when ordering your latte, such as soymilk, coconut milk, or almond milk. And if you’re also hungry for some food, no problem! They offer a delicious selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. However, what really sets this place apart is that they also offer local wine and beer, making it a true gathering place for any time of the day!


Cafe Cesura: 
Located in downtown Bellevue, this is a coffee spot that you definitely don’t want to miss! Café Cesura is popularly known for its elegant setting and great customer service. They don’t just offer the typical latte or cappuccino, but a variety of interesting beverages for all different kinds of taste buds. Come in and try the Matcha Latte, which consists of premium, ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha powder, and organic whole milk. So deliciously healthy and tasty! In addition to their fantastic coffee, they also offer great breakfast and lunch options.


Coffee 2.0 Cafe & Winebar:
Located in Bothell, this coffee shop provides amazing coffee. They have all the usual selections to choose from including Americanos, Lattes, Mochas, and Cappuccinos. However, they also have a delicious signature coffee drink. Their “Two Point, Oh My!” drink combines espresso with white chocolate, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Coffee 2.0 Café & Winebar doesn’t just stop at the coffee though, they also offer an extensive menu of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And as their name suggests, they also boast a wonderful selection of wine and beer.


Pirate’s Grind Espresso:
Located in Woodinville, Pirate’s Grind Espresso offers a convenient drive-thru for grabbing your coffee. They can also make your coffee beverage perfectly tailored to your taste. From a delicious white-chocolate mocha to a warm, tasty vanilla cappuccino, Pirate’s Grind delivers quality coffee and customer service to all of their customers.


St. James Espresso:
St. James Espresso is an outstanding coffee shop located in Kirkland that features an assortment of delicious bakery items and perfectly prepared coffee beverages. This is a very nice place to sit and relax, study, or catch up with friends. St. James Espresso is a special coffee house that doesn’t just serve their customers regular day-to-day coffee, but instead locally roasted coffee and Mighty Leaf Teas.



Stopwatch Espresso:
Stopwatch Espresso is conveniently located at three locations (Bothell, Kirkland and Lynnwood), and they are committed to getting you your coffee just right. Caffeine can truly be a lifesaver, especially when you are a college student and have to stay up all night, or are just exhausted from a tiring day. That’s why Stopwatch is located in Cascadia Community College and Lake Washington Institute of Technology.


Yellow Umbrella Coffee:
A fantastic coffee shop located in Lynnwood, Yellow Umbrella Coffee offers a tasty selection of coffee, teas, pastries, and sandwiches. Come in to experience their friendly customer service and outstanding coffee including hot and iced espresso drinks and blended drinks. Yellow Umbrella uses locally roasted 100% premium Arabica coffee beans and organic, Swiss water processed decaf beans. With coffee prepared just the way you like it, they’ll have you coming back again and again.