Seattle’s Biggest Sports Fan! Q&A with Lorin “Big Lo” Sandretzky

We have a lot of sports fans here at Pirq but, when it comes to the “biggest” sports fan, not many can compete with Big Lo. This die-hard fan can be seen at virturally every sports event in Seattle. Even more impressive is his tremendous loyalty and unwavering support to his hometown teams. In this interview, Big Lo tells us about his favorites food, why he’d like to have dinner with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, and his selfless commitment to helping others during the holidays. Here’s the low down on Big Lo!


How did you find out about Pirq?


A great friend of mine told me about Pirq.


Do you use Pirq on Android or iPhone?


I use Pirq on my iPhone!

What are your favorite types of food?

I’m a big fan of homestyle cooking and comfort food.

What has been your favorite Pirq restaurant so far?

I grab a coffee for my father every day so Caffe Ladro has seen me quite a bit!


What do you like most about the Pirq app?

It’s so easy to use!


If you could have any restaurant on Pirq, which one would it be?


Cal’s Classic American in Kent Station. Comfort food at its BEST!


We all know you’re Seattle’s Biggest Sports Fan so would you rather “Pirq” at your favorite restaurant with Seahawks Coach Pete Caroll or Mariners Manager Eric Wedge?

Probably Pete Carroll. I’m a football coach and maybe he’d listen to a couple ideas I have!


What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

That I feed twelve families each and every Thanksgiving, and also twelve families at Christmas time. Additionally, I also give presents and help put up decorations. And I’m an avid four-wheel drive fanatic! I Love Jeeping!