Restaurant Spotlight: Domani Pizzeria and Restaurant

There is pizza, and then there is pizza from Domani Pizzeria in Queen Anne. The next time you have a craving for your favorite round classic, you simply must check out this culturally-infused pizzeria and experience the difference. Domani Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant with a Mediterranean touch, and their unique blend of flavors will leave your taste buds wanting more!  Not in the mood for pizza?  No problem! Domani Pizzeria is also well-known for their delicious calzones and pasta. In this interview, we chatted with Domani’s owner, Nina Pumpalov, about how her Italian and Mediterranean pizzeria came to be.




 What is the story behind the name “Domani”?


Being an Italian restaurant, we wanted a good sounding Italian name. “Domani” means “tomorrow” in Italian, which is similar to the Bulargian word “домат” for tomato. My family is Bulgarian and my daughter’s favorite fruit is the tomato, so it sounded like a good fit.


What is the story behind the Mediterranean touch to the restaurant?


We are originally from Bulgaria and the food there is Mediterranean, it’s what we are used to.


What is the most popular item on the menu?


Our calzones!  People like to build their own and choose their own ingredients.


What’s the craziest pizza you have seen a customer create?


A combo pizza with shrimp, jalapenos, peppers and pineapple.


What is the secret to making homemade pizza sauce?


It’s that special touch that goes into making something homemade.


What is the most delicious dessert you serve?


Our tiramisu. It’s also homemade and big enough to share or small enough to eat all by yourself.


What is your favorite item on the menu?


Fettuccine special with chicken, sun dried tomatoes and Alfredo sauce

What is an interesting fact about the restaurant that most people don’t know?


Before this was a restaurant, it used to be an old hardware store. We changed everything!