Restaurant Spotlight: Which Wich

When it comes to picking a sandwich place in the U-District, there are a ton of options to choose from. However, if you’re in the mood for an absolutely delish sandwich with a creative twist, then you must check out Which Wich. This sandwich shop takes sandwich making to the extreme, and gives you complete control over the creation of your sub! They’ll even let you put bacon in places it doesn’t belong… keep reading! We had the chance to sit down with the owner of Which Wich, Mike Howard, to learn more about what makes their sandwiches so darn tasty!


1. What is the #1 most popular sandwich at Which Wich?


The Italian Grinder. It has salami, pepperoni & capicola. People just can’t get enough of it.


2. What is the most unique sandwich on the menu?


Either the Elvis Wich (peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon) eaten by the man himself, or the Monte Cristo (ham, turkey, grape jelly and powdered sugar), sweet and savory at the same time.


3. The craziest sandwich someone has concocted?


We see it all. We’re based on customization, so it’s all about your personal taste. The oddest thing though wasn’t even a sandwich, but a shake. Someone ordered a chocolate shake and added bacon to it!


4. What’s your favorite sandwich?


Buffalo chicken with pepper jack cheese, spicy mayonnaise, ranch dressing, crispy onion strips, jalapenos, lettuce and tomatoes. It gets my metabolism going!


5. How do you make your cookies so delicious?


Another company makes our cookies specifically for us, with our recipe and our specifications. But what makes ours so good is that we heat them up by sending them through the toaster oven. You need to try our peanut butter cookie. I eat one everyday. Don’t tell my wife!


6. Who is going to win the Apple Cup this year?


The Apple Cup is all about the Purple and Gold. Huskies all the way!