Interview of the Week: Jenni Hogan

We have a lot of UW grads working at Pirq, so when we had a chance to chat with fellow Husky and KIRO-7 traffic anchor, Jenni Hogan, we jumped at the opportunity. Jenni, who has become quite force in the social media scene (she has over 38,000 followers on Twitter!), is also the mastermind behind In this interview, Jenni dishes about her favorite Pirq restaurant, which UW coach she’d rather dine with, and also tells us a little known fact about her family tree. Read on!


1. How did you find out about Pirq?


The power of social media! A friend of mine was using Pirq and raved about the amazing deals that they were getting on dining out on Facebook, so I downloaded the app to check it out. I picked my neighborhood, and some of my favorite places to grab a bite had deals for that afternoon. I’m working my way through visiting them with Pirq in hand!


2. Do you use Pirq on Android or iPhone?


My iHottie!

3. What are your favorite types of food?

I love Italian. My dad is from Italy so I grew up with Italian family dinners at my Grandma’s. If I can find a great restaurant that feels like it’s my grandma’s dining room it reminds me of home and makes the meal so much more scrumptious.


4. What has been your favorite Pirq restaurant so far?

A birthday celebration dinner at The Melting Pot! It’s a really great restaurant, but can get pretty pricey. We found a Pirq coupon for 40% off our meal at the last minute, and gave the savings to the birthday girl!!


5. What do you like most about the Pirq app?

What I love about Pirq is that it gives you deals to the best restaurants in the Seattle area. It’s not random deals, or things I may get around to doing. Pirq has on the spot deals. I’m excited to see the app grow (and test out new restaurants through it!)


6. If you could have any restaurant (in the world) on Pirq, which one would it be?


La Rustica in West Seattle. It’s my favorite Italian restaurant I’ve found (and my husband’s too). If I could get 40% off there, well, then instead of one date night every couple of weeks we’d have an excuse to do two because we’d have the same budget (and who doesn’t need more date nights?).


7. We all know you’re a proud UW Alum so would you rather “Pirq” at your favorite restaurant with UW Football Coach Steve Sarkisian or UW Basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar?

I’d have to say coach Sarkisian. I emceed the Athlete Scholarship luncheon a month ago and managed to track down coach Romar and talked his ear off, so that means it’s Sarkisian’s turn (he was at the back of the luncheon and left before I could get my Jenni time with him).


8. What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I am distantly related to Levi Strauss (I definitely have his genes when it comes to the startup bug, and I also have his jeans when it comes to the fashionista bug in me too).