A Very Beautiful Pirq Story

One day, it was business as usual at Pirq headquarters (usual = very interesting). I was busy tweeting away to Pirq peeps, when I noticed one tweet in particular. I am always excited when anyone takes a moment to tweet about their love of Pirq, but this tweet wasn’t just anyone.


Michelle Font, Miss Washington USA 2008, declared her love for Pirq!  I promptly decided I wanted to learn about her Pirq experiences!  I reached out to her with a few questions, and she graciously offered a few more moments of her time to provide me with answers.  I would expect nothing less of a Miss Washington, who impressed me with her honesty and personality!  Here’s what she told me:


How did you discover Pirq?

I discovered Pirq through the Mastermind himself (Pirq CEO James Sun), via Facebook. 


How often do you use it?  

I check Pirq daily for deals in my area. 



What’s your favorite deal so far? 

My Favorite deal was 50% off at Red Mango - I had a delicious serving Pumpkin Spice frozen yogurt with granola and graham crumbles.


What’s the yummiest dish you’ve had via Pirq?

My favorite was the yummiest!!!


What’s your fav place to use Pirq?

I like the Caffe Ladro deals and of course Red Mango.


Who are your favorite dining buddies? 

I love to dine with my favorite couple Natasha and Steven we have Wednesday Date nights.


Well, I’m not surprised that Miss Washington and I are on the same page with coffee and yogurt.   How about you?  (Make sure to share the Pirq love with us on FB, Twitter and let us bring your story to the greater Pirq community!)