More Deals – and Treasure Hunting

We heard you.  You want more deals.  You got it.


Starting today, you’re going to see a greater number of deals on your iPhone and Android!   And… the biggest treasure of them all… you’re going to discover more 40% and 50% off deals!


Starting today, we’ve more than doubled the number of those will be up for grabs.  How do you hunt for those?  Check your phone during non-lunch crush, non-dinner crush hours… and score.  Keep in mind that the window for these deals is smaller, so when you see one, snag it and use it.  Mass text your friends, tweet, and post!


FYI, a little info for you, since you’ve taken the time to read this pot.
Here’s where you’ll have the most competition for anytime deals or those treasured 40% and 50% deals: the top deal locations for Pirq are:
And by the way, Red Mango has their Pumpkin Spice flavor for a limited time only!
Have fun, Pirq up!
(Make sure to let us know when you’ve scored a great Pirq deal by posting a photo on our Facebook page, and make sure you tell your friends.  We do a drawing for $50 in Pirq dollars for every 50 downloads in $50 for 50.)