“Sip” Deal Wins Over a Skeptical and Stubborn Sister

What is family for?  Love, check.  Support, check.  Listening to you babble, check.


All of the above happened recently, despite the fact that my family knows I tend to “dork out” over all kinds of promotions.  They just love me, support me, and listen with smiles on their faces.


When I joined the Pirq team, I was super excited.  I love apps.  I love eating out.  I love saving money.  My little sister, Jessy, who lives in Arizona, downloaded the app just to show support (even though we’re not in Arizona yet). My mother is even part of the Pirq Founder’s Club, and we have our mother daughter date nights at all sorts of Pirq locations.  Mom gets it.


On the other hand, my older sister, Erin, is not exactly tech savvy. She doesn’t use her phone to all its potential. She understands it, and can use it to complete all her tasks, but she never tries out new apps or tells me what to download. So, when I kept pushing for her to download the Pirq app, she was unresponsive, saying, “I will download it when I want to” (insert smug facial expression).


This was aggravating, because what is family for?  I am here to love, support and listen to her. She is like a lot of other people: loves to eat out all the time but is on a tight budget. Even when I’ve used the Pirq app when we’ve gone out together, she still refused to download it!




It wasn’t until she had a girls’ night planned at Sip in Issaquah that I got a call.


One day, Erin called and asked if Sip was on the Pirq app. I explained the app to the best of my abilities and sent her on her way, hoping she could successfully use Pirq for the first time!   It’s not that I doubted her, I was just afraid she would get confused between the whole commit and redeem aspect.  She also was unsure what a Microsoft Tag would look like.


I waited at home in anticipation. (I now understand the fear and worrying a mother feels when she sends them off on their own for the first time!)  When it was 11:00 pm, I worried that maybe something wasn’t going too well. But, Erin returned home and promptly told me how much money she saved! Her bill before Pirq was $80, and after, it was $50!!!


I asked for all the details, hanging on her every word.  She said that the Microsoft Tag was easy to find and scanned flawlessly. Not to mention, the server was super friendly.  I can now proudly say Erin is a constant Pirq user!


Call me a dork for my job obsession, but I have to say this is a family affair.  Love, check.  Support, check.  Listening, check.  A sister who saves more money, check.