Places for Paws and Pirq

Attention dog owners: is your furry friend running the length of your home like an Olympic swimmer and you can’t figure out why? If the answers yes, it’s because your pup is trying to remind you that time is running out on a very special week. Tomorrow, Friday, October 7th, National Walk Your Dog Week (NWYDW) comes to a close. Do something special for yourself and your best friend! I have two great suggestions for you.


My first suggestion shouldn’t come as a big surprise or shock if you read my last post (recent UW grad). Head to Husky territory (bonus points for NWYDW!)  Check out the Burke Gilman trail, which stretches 27 miles long and will allow you and your dog as much exercise as you  can stand. 27 miles too long for you? Take a page from my book, start on the Burke Gilman  trail and end at University Village for great shopping and sweet treats too. Red Mango (@RedMango) in U Village is now on the Pirq app and MY new best friend.


My second recommendation may be harder to guess but is one of my favorite places in all of Seattle: Greenlake. The lake is a short three miles (or a long 3 miles depending on how you look at it).  It is a hot stop for all dog owners. Take your pooch for a morning walk around the  lake and get your caffeine jolt with a cup of coffee from Zoka (@zokacoffee) on the East side of  the lake.


Take these two suggestions and run with them… and your dog. I’m not really sure how  something becomes a national day or week, but the point is to get out there and walk your dog. I know this is easier said than done, but the alternative is having a hyperactive dog running back and forth in your living room. The choice is yours, and you might as well treat yourself as well.