Tacos and Vodka – It’s never too late

I was so busy eating pizza yesterday to observe Garlic Jim’s Pizza With A Purpose that I forgot to indulge in my love of arguably the tortilla’s finest form and the Russian spirit responsible for the downfall of many.


What?  Mexican food goes with tequilla, you say? Yes, I would agree.  However, yesterday was a special day for two reasons: October 4th was National Taco Day and National Vodka Day.

I say it’s never too late to celebrate.  The good news? You did not miss the boat on the deals for said tacos and vodka, since Pirq’s deals are daily, and you can go back again and again.


As you check out the deals from some of Pirq’s vendors in your iPhone or Android on the go, remember that every time you use the Pirq app to save, you are helping Pirq give back to feed the hungry through our Deals for Meals program with United Way.  Here’s more info and the list of 130+ dining spots where you can Get Deals, Give Back.


As I went down the list, I stopped counting the number of places where you can get tacos or vodka martinis, but my eye did linger on Guaymas Cantina, Tacos Guaymas, Taco Del Mar, and Sky Ultra Lounge. I also pondered 13 Coins, for late-night or weird hours for eating.  Maybe you’re like me… running a little behind on celebrating all the food holidays. Let me know what your list looks like! (@PIRQmaestro)