A Day at Dawg Daze

The Pirq Ambassadors are gearing up to hit Seattle Pacific University’s Gwinn Commons on Tuesday, October 18th.  We’re looking for a repeat of Dawg Daze at the University of Washington (9/22/11).  Curious?  Let me explain.


The Pirq Ambassadors had quite a challenge:  we had to set up a booth at the University of Washington’s big event, Dawg Daze, right next to big-name gaming and energy drink companies, which had us a little intimidated. It’s not the snaking lines of students waiting for free drinks or large prizes; it’s the idea that everyone on a college campus is familiar with the Vuze, Red Bull, NOS.


Pirq, on the other hand? We’re new. We’re the upstarts who have to explain not only what we are as a company, but what we can do for our customers. At events like Dawg Daze, we have to do it in less than twenty seconds.  Yup, quite a challenge.


The Line for Pirq at Dawg Daze 2011


Fortunately, “we got game.”  Seriously, we brought a game to Dawg Daze, an orientation, of sorts, for incoming freshman.  At our booth, students got a chance to throw Pirq footballs through a prize board, which was sponsored by Garlic Jim’s, Zoka Coffee, Red Mango, and Which Wich.  Students who managed to toss a Pirq football through one of sponsored the holes won a prize corresponding to that restaurant. Fun, right?  Interactive, right? I was a wee bit worried we’d be lost in the shuffle of larger, national brands. We weren’t.


Hundreds of students lined up to play our game and learn about Pirq, so many, that the line often snaked halfway across Red Square.  Plus, after they learned about the benefits of the Pirq app, dozens downloaded it onto their iPhones and Androids before they even received prizes.


And, if the prizes and 20-50% off local restaurants weren’t enough to tempt them to download Pirq, our partnerships with United Way and Garlic Jim’s put them over the edge.


Groups of freshman guys surrounded me to hear about how they could get free pizzas through Garlic Jim’s “Pizza with a Purpose” campaign. Even more were interested by our commitment to give 10% of all company revenues to feed Seattle’s hungry via United Way through Deals for Meals.


Not one single prize survived the day. We even ran out of our Pirq t-shirts. So if you’re on campus, keep an eye out for them. Maybe one of their owners will even let you scan the back (or take you out to lunch using the app)!