Star Struck Pirq Ambassador (In a Good Way)

We’ve all seen those people who are so star-stuck you can’t actually understand what they are saying. For example, “Bieber Fever”: thousands of young fans who scream gibberish upon even the thought of Justin Bieber. I didn’t believe in being “star-stuck” until it happened to me.


Weeks before the Founder’s Club event, there was talk about Lawyer Milloy (@LawyerMilloy) coming to the event. Truthfully, I had no clue who Lawyer Milloy was, so instead of embarrassing myself I did the next best thing, I Google’d him. From my research, I learned that Mr. Milloy was a big football star who played at the University of Washington and also professionally for the Seattle Seahawks. Never had I met a celebrity before and I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by. Mission: picture with Lawyer Milloy. (Plus, I am a UW Husky.)


For the event, I was given the task of door greeter. It was great to meet all of our Founder’s Club members and their guests. Distracted by my desire to try the delicious food at O’Asian, I never saw Lawyer Milloy walk through the door. I was so caught off guard by him that all I could muster up was, “Drink ticket.” No smile, just a blank stare and a monotone voice. As quickly as he came, he was gone. First time meeting a celebrity…and I froze.


 As the event started winding down, my mission was still on my mind. As I saw Lawyer walking our way, that’s when I believe an alien took over my body. In the spur of the moment I nudged (pushed?) a fellow intern Nicki (@Pirqette), right in front of him and whispered, “Ask him for a picture!” Desperate times call for desperate measures and that was the best plan I could come up with.


To my delight, the plan worked and he agreed to take a picture.  Mission: complete.  Now have a picture to prove it! Looking back on this experience, I have a better understanding of “Bieber Fever”… and why sometimes gibberish is the only thing that comes out.