Sum Party: Founder’s Club Chows Down, Dishes About Deals

Let’s just say we shut the place down, and I’m still dreaming of amazing portions of dim sum.


Long after the Founder’s Club party was over, our fantastic Pirq founders lingered to talk about food, deals, tech and more at O’Asian Kitchen in Downtown Seattle, the location for our celebration of Pirq fans who were on board from the beginning by signing up themselves and ten friends to enjoy savings as quickly as you can say “Download!”


The food was tasty, and there was a lot of it.  O’Asian served up pork and shrimp dumplings, spicy green beans, crispy tofu and more.  They were even nice enough to provide to-go boxes when, at the end of the evening, the enduring few founders eyed the leftovers with intensity (including me).


Our Chief Technology Officer, Bill Chi (@billchi), even took the mic for a moment, sharing our plans to make Pirq social and more dynamic in the very near future. He joked, “They don’t let me out much!”  Bill also shared with the crowd our intentions to expand to the Windows Phone platform, which should make our Microsoft audiences pretty happy.  We’ll keep you posted.  In fact, Bill just did an interview on Monday with the Seattle Times’ Tech reporter, Janet Tu (@janettu), who will be blogging about their conversation in the next day or so. (*Update on 9/28/11: here’s the article.)


PIRQ Social Ambassadors "Fan Out", from left: @PIRQhero, @PIRQsweetie, Lawyer Milloy, @PIRQette, @PIRQmaestro


By far the star of the evening was football great, and former University of Washington player, Lawyer Milloy (@LawyerMilloy), who stepped up to say a few words about his love of Pirq… and his obsession with apps.  LOL funny, he was incredibly cool and calm as he “outed” himself (Angry Birds, yes).  Law told the crowd how he went to Red Mango to get a deal on some yogurt during his “me time” – and why he has to save money to make sure his wife and daughters get proper hair care.  Too funny. GeekWire’s John Cook (@GeekWire & @johncook) was there and posted this story.


Members of the Founder’s Club went home with some good swag, including our cool new t-shirts, a coffee mug for serious java, and whole beans from Caffe Ladro (you can Pirq at all of their locations, by the way, every day).


Founders will get some special invitations in the future, so make sure you know a founder if you aren’t one already to be a “plus one” to the next event. Look for them on Twitter (@pirqcom).  They’ll be the ones tweeting about redeeming deal after deal, saving money, and eating lots of good food… including dim sum.