Pizza With a Purpose

There’s nothing more exciting and gratifying than when I see a local business utilize innovative technology to give back to the community.  From September 26th through October 10th, Garlic Jim’s will be anchoring a campaign to give back to feed the hungry.  It’s called “Pizza with a Purpose”, and they will be giving away 30 free pizzas every day for two full weeks through the Pirq smartphone app.


Simply find the best location (six locations total), and commit to the free pizza.  When you order, please mention “Pizza With a Purpose”.  When the delivery person comes to your door, click redeem on the app and scan the Microsoft Tag s/he wears on a lanyard. You’re done!  Free pizza, and you’ve done something good for the community.  (Please be generous and tip the delivery person, thanks!)


I want to personally thank Garlic Jim’s for being a leader in this area.  Their team truly cares about the community and their customers.  This is an exciting win/win partnership to help the hungry.  Please spread the news and forward the “Pizza with a Purpose” campaign to all your friends.  Have them download the app, order a (free) and darn good pizza… and do some good too.