Precision, precision – and a decision

I was told one time that sushi chefs judge one another by the quality of the Tamago (sweet egg).  This is one of the sushi world’s lesser-known skills by “normal” sushi folk, apparently.


To make a good Tamago, one must have the right combination of eggs, dashi broth, sugar and light soysauce.  Beware the ready-made Tamago, which some sushi joints order and slap on rice (not honorable, IMHO).


Another quality Tamago trait?  Precision.  Perfectly light, with some density.


In fact, on every level, precision does a good sushi chef make.  I loved finding out about this sushi master working in the Czech Republic.  (Read the article, See the video on NTDTV).  I have never been, but I wonder if there, too, they judge a chef by the quality of the Tamago.


Since it doesn’t look like I’ll get there anytime soon, I thought it would be interesting to compare Tamago, one sushi restaurant at a time.  This can be quite expensive, so I will Pirq and save $ in my search for “a good egg”.


Now, where do I go first?  Let’s see.  I’ll begin with Sushi Yama.  Any suggestions for dessert?