Learning to Share

If you love “How I Met Your Mother” as much as I do, then you probably remember the episode where they have the interventions. Hilarious! Well, my friends recently staged an intervention of sorts through email, it started something like this: “We’re going for Dim Sum at O’Asian on Saturday; you’re going to have to deal with it.” The comments that followed began like most intervention letters: “I love you but it hurts when you….” or “I’m sad when you….”


Here’s a little background as to why they feel the need to intervene; I hate sharing food. I’d gladly give my friends the shirt off my back….just not the food off of my plate. It’s not a germ thing. I just want to eat what I order, and I figure if my friends want to eat what I order they should have ordered it themselves. However, my friends disagree. They consider everything to be “family style.” They like to pick and nibble off of everyone’s entre. I find myself having to wrap my arm around my plate and use my fork as a weapon if I want to eat any of my own food….more prison-style than family-style, if you will.


As you can imagine, my anti-sharing stance does not go over well at Dim Sum or Tapas restaurants, so I’ve decided to turn a new leaf in order to keep the peace. Tomorrow I’ll try to smile instead of growl when one of them forks a delicious morsel off my plate.


Actually just typing that makes me cringe. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably just end up ordering my own lunch while they have Dim Sum. Why change a good thing?


I did check Pirq though, and it has a 30% off deal at O’Asian anytime tomorrow. My guess is that once my friends see the bill it will be the one thing none of us will mind sharing.