Another Day, Another Dollar….Saved

When it comes to saving money, I’m a champ. That might sound a little cocky, but it’s true. Don’t worry, in most other aspects of my life I can be a total zoo so it evens out. If I could manage to get out of the house without losing my keys and then losing my wallet while I’m looking for my keys, it would be a miracle.


Part of my money-saving mantra is to never pay full price. So when I go to the grocery store, it’s game on. It’s only sale items in my cart. Today when I was picking up my favorite granola bars (on sale, thankfully), I noticed a guy having a heated conversation on the phone about green tea. Here’s a little of what I picked up from his end: “No, I don’t know what your favorite brand looks like.” “Yes, I’m looking at all the teas.” “No, I’m not stupid!”


His parting words were, “You’ll get what you get,” as he dumped four different boxes of green tea into his cart. Not wanting to poke the tiger but also not being able to resist, I walked up and told him that he could avoid paying for four boxes of tea if he used the Grocery Gadget Shopping List app. Once he stopped looking at me like I was a crazy person (about three seconds), I showed him on my iPhone how he could put in his shopping list with pictures of items, log his favorite items, and use the push notification so if he wife updated the list from home he would get an alert. He downloaded it to his Android right then and there.


He thanked me and sheepishly said he should probably pick up a nice dinner for his wife as an apology. I pounced again. I popped open my Pirq app and said, “Orrrr, you could take her to a nice dinner at Sky Ultra Lounge and save 30% with Pirq.” Again the crazy person look—but soon he was downloading the Pirq app and walking away a lot happier than he was five minutes earlier.


Moral of the story, I saved him on groceries, saved him money on dinner, and got him in good with the wife. PirqHero to the rescue! Come on, I couldn’t resist.