Retrieving Great Deals

I’ve been lucky enough to have a “work bestie” at every one of my past job. You know who I’m talking about—that person you are so connected with that when you sit across from each other at a conference table during a boring meeting you can have an entire hilarious conversation by just exchanging glances. We of course don’t have any boring meetings here at Pirq, but if we did, that person for me would be PIRQRetriever.


This girl cracks me up! Spunky Chow Hound and PIRQRetriever—I mean it’s not every day that you find two such class (ahem) female dogs in the same workplace.


As a former journalist, I figured the best way to introduce you to my work bestie would be a Q&A interview. Picture me in my best Barbara Walters/Oprah/Diane Sawyer pose intensely questioning her about what she will bring to Pirq users. Who knows, maybe I can even get her to cry.


What do you like best about me Pirq?
Can you repeat the question?


When did you realize that Pirq had changed the way you think about dining out?
Before I got married, I really wasn’t as worried about food costs.  I am a big believer in really enjoying what I eat.  I don’t want to explode, and I want to be healthy (want to are the optimal words here), so I make each eating session count.


Example: after getting married, I shop less at Whole Foods and more at Costco.  My husband eats A LOT more than I do.  Plus, he’s not courting me anymore, so date nights are a little more modest and further apart.


Describe your first Pirq experience.
The first time I used Pirq, we went to sushi for 50% off.  I realized my husband and I could actually go out to eat sushi without spending a ton of money or feeling guilty about the spend. (Read:  we can go out on more dates.) As I said, he eats A LOT more than I do.


Sushi servers who have witnessed his salmon sushi consumption have made comments such as:


·    “Really?  20 orders of salmon?  That’s 40 pieces.  Really?”
·    “This is epic.”
·    “I wish I had my camera.”


Kaiten, or conveyor belt sushi, works well for us, because the orders just keep comin’.


This recent photo portrays a “snack” outing, as he wasn’t as hungry this particular evening.  This time, we merely witnessed a raised eyebrow from the sushi chef at Sushi Yama in Bellevue, who quietly made more salmon and put it on the converyor belt.  Mostly, there’s a stack about 30% higher.  Ergo, the server comment, “I wish I had my camera.”


What do you hope to bring to Pirq users?
Competition for those deals, because believe me, we’re using them.


I have always been that person who tells all my friends about deals.  Seriously, when Satsuma oranges are buy one box, get one free, at Safeway, I send a mass text.  I am 100% honest with you when I tell you that any new way to get deals gives me a bit of a high.


Once I saved 67% on my grocery bill by using a combination of coupons, loyalty cards and separate ring-ups for the items.  I made the checker’s head spin.


When do you plan to pay back the $20 you owe me?
Can I pay you in 20 orders of sushi?!!