A Night out with Pirq

I never used coupons up until a couple weeks ago, but then again I wasn’t really ever a very frugal person. I spent what I earned quick as a blackjack addict in Vegas. But it wasn’t that I actually loved gambling or designer suits or Hermes attachés.  I didn’t.  And it wasn’t that I was a tech fashionisto and simply needed to have a new iPad every six months. Heck, I don’t even know what I’d use an iPad for.


I just have a little problem with food.


Food and I have a rather simple relationship. I seek it. I scout it. I devour it, with a good deal of gluttony and panache. In return, food fills my belly and empties my wallet, quickly.


When I first started working for Pirq as a Pirq Ambassador, I was intrigued by the company’s product: a 100% smartphone application that gives local deals (20-50% off) on restaurants near my GPS location. Sounds like a great product, right? Right. But even after two weeks of working for the company and testing the device for certain venues, I hadn’t yet incorporated it into my personal life. When I got off work, Pirq faded from my mind as fast as your cubicle probably fades from yours.


They say you always remember your first kiss. I don’t. I think it was with Kimberly, a much older neighbor girl who made me deliver fake milk to her fake house in our real back yard, but I can’t be sure. Might have been a dream. The point is, I remember my first non-work Pirq use like it was yesterday. In case you think Pirq is paying me to say this, they aren’t…even though they should.


My friends and I were in Queen Anne searching for a place to eat a couple Thursdays ago. We missed happy hour because my buddy Christian got stuck on 520.


I’m young, so my wallet is a bit anorexic. Their wallets are even worse off. I pitched restaurant ideas at them—all rejected because Jeff murmured something about having eight dollars and a bum credit card, whatever that is. Then Christian, genius that he happens to be, reminded the group that I work for “like a coupon company, or something.” He thought it was a shame we hadn’t thought of getting coupons sooner. I just laughed. Buying coupons ahead of time is so 2010.


I pulled up the Pirq app, looked for deals around me, and maybe four minutes later (no hyperbole) we were sitting in Racha getting 30% off our meal after I scanned the Microsoft TAG.


Not to sound like a cliché, but now I really don’t go out at night without checking to see if Pirq has any deals near my location. There’s no point to paying full price when, with Pirq, it’s always happy hour.  Now, with my savings, maybe I can spring for that attaché. No. I should probably get a gym membership. Cupcake Royale and I are getting intimate, at a discount.