Saving Money is Addictive

A few weeks ago I went to lunch with my friend Leah. To give you a little background into our friendship, I like to tell people what to do and Leah hates being told what to do. That said, on our way to the restaurant I told Leah she should download the Pirq app. Her response was a swift, “No. You know I don’t like a lot of apps.” Still set on getting my way, I told her she could save 30% instantly on our lunch if she got the app. It took her all of about 30 seconds to pull her iPhone out of her purse and download the app once she learned saving money was involved.


A few days later I got a call from Leah after she made her first solo Pirq at Cupcake Royale. Her giddiness made me giddy. I may have created a money-saving monster.


I asked her to give all of you the scoop on her experience. Here’s Leah’s story in her own words:


I’m an iPhone App minimalist. Thumbing through pages of apps is not my cup of tea. If it doesn’t need to be on my phone, I don’t invite it onto my app list. However, when I was introduced to Pirq, it intrigued me. A completely risk-free list of money saving offers around Seattle for free—I’m in! I decided to take the Pirq plunge and welcome it onto my iPhone. Two days later, I redeemed a 50% off offer to Cupcake Royale.  I nabbed four sinfully good cupcakes for only $6. I was in heaven!


Pirq is also a great way to branch out to places you wouldn’t normally go to.  In our house, we’re inclined to exclusively frequent Starbucks, simply because that’s what we’re familiar with. But, when Pirq showed us 30% off at Café Ladro, a few steps closer than Starbucks, we gave it a shot! Is there greater incentive to try a new hot spot than not having to pay full price? I think not.


Simply put, I’m a Pirq convert. Now excuse me, there’s a half-price cupcake with my name on it!