Eye-Opening Interview with Q13 FOX News

Some of you may know me on Twitter as @PIRQette, and yes it is true, I love my coffee.  I understand it’s hard to get to know someone in 140 characters or less.  But I do a lot more than tweet all day, despite what it may look like.


Many perks come with the job of a Pirq Ambassador, and no, I am not talking about all the deals. Today, I got to see something really cool, the interview process for the Q13 news story of Pirq.  This will, in fact, be the first broadcast interview for Pirq! Pretty nifty! At the Zoka in Kirkland, I met up with the camera crew and two people featured in the interview: James Sun (Pirq CEO) and Patrick Mazzuca, the General Manager of all Zoka locations, all of which have partnered with Pirq. Being new to this whole process, I was unsure of what to expect. I was expecting a mob of camera guys, and all the various lighting tools they carry to barge through the Zoka doors and clear the joint. It was to my surprise when only one cameraman walked in, Walker, and the reporter, Brian Callanan. They chose a quaint table in the back corner and were filming before I knew it.


After the short interview with Patrick Mazzuca, I approached him to get insight in the whole “lights, camera, action” process. Again, to my surprise, he said it was an easy process, and was not the least bit camera shy, perhaps due to his past experiences. “We are proud to work with Pirq and very excited about the program!” Patrick explained to me as I was struck by his lack
camera shyness. A random customer of Zoka Coffee was also interviewed.  Local and frequent, Nemicia Kaloper commented on the need for a solution such as Pirq. She too, claimed she wasn’t nervous for the camera at all. Maybe I need to go back to Communication 101 and get rid of my stage fright, because I sure would be nervous.


When it was time for James to get his time in the spotlight, I knew it would be a breeze. After all, he was a contestant on “The Apprentice,” and made it to the season finale. He could probably do this stuff in his sleep. To change up the scene, the crew moved to the outside seating to take advantage of the beautiful morning (one of the few we’ve had this summer).  James said he was thrilled to have a local news station feature Pirq in their story on the evolution of deals and consumer behavior.  “It was great to see Q13 come out to an actual, physical Pirq location and see how Pirq works.  Brian took a genuine interest in the consumer benefits of Pirq.  I appreciated his candid questions and feedback.”


Exciting doesn’t begin to describe the experience. Watching the news is something I’ve been doing practically my whole life, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen it from this perspective before. Be sure to watch Q13 FOX to see the interview!  (It should air sometime this week, according to Brian.  We’ll keep you posted!)