A Date with A Pirq!

As I search for great places to nosh using Pirq, I hear tons of stories from users about how they are making Pirq part of their lives. By far my fav story so far comes from a guy named Ben. He used Pirq on a first date (hmmmm, wonder where he could have got that idea). He’s cute, smart, and money-savvy—just the kind of guy you want to take home to mama! Hopefully the story he shared with me inspires you to Pirq Up your next date!


Here’s what Ben shared with us:


Last weekend I took out Kirie. She’s a sweet girl with a bubbly, fun personality. She’s incredibly intelligent, but not afraid to get her hands dirty while playing football. She wanted to eat Mexican food, so I searched through Pirq’s map and found Tu Casa. It immediately struck me as a great place and I was excited to use Pirq, so I “committed” to the 30% off offer.


When I picked up Kirie, I told her I would be trying out Pirq so she might have to bear with me as I dealt with figuring it out. However, using Pirq is so simple that it didn’t interfere with the date at all. As soon as I got to the door, I saw the Microsoft Tag and “redeemed” my offer. Kirie and I walked into the restaurant and had a great dinner. I had a seafood stew and she had corn tortillas filled with delicious beef and vegetables. We talked and had a fantastic time getting to know each other. When I asked for the bill, I simply told my waiter that I was using Pirq. I saved $9 and ended up basically paying $20 for a $30 dinner—that meant money left over for desert!


Kirie and I had a great time, and there will definitely be future dates. I loved using Pirq. Not only was it to great save money, it made for a fun icebreaker too.