Picture Pirq-fect: Meet Our Facebook Photo Contest Winner!

We launched Pirq a little less than two weeks ago and already the response is amazing. You’ve shared with us all the great offers you’ve used at area restaurants, and we couldn’t be happier to hear about all the money you’re saving by using Pirq.


One of my team’s favorite Pirq stories comes from our Facebook contest. We asked users to take a photo of their best Pirq experience and share it on our Facebook page. The photo with the most “likes” took the prize, which happens to be a dinner with me at the Pirq restaurant of the winner’s choice.


I’m proud to announce that Daniel Ozment, Jr. is our Facebook contest winner! Daniel took a picture of himself and his fiancé using Pirq at The Melting Pot. As Daniel posted on our page, “Celebrating a year of dating is awesome, but getting married in 3 months has its Pirqs.” I couldn’t agree more!


I’m really excited to treat Daniel and his fiancé to dinner—call it an early wedding gift! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, and please keep sending us your Pirq stories!