Tag, Pirq is It!

You’ve likely seen them in magazines, on business cards, or on the back of your favorite products—those colorful triangles that look like tiny contemporary art. They are called Microsoft Tag and they’re actually 2D barcodes.


But, Microsoft Tag isn’t your grandma’s traditional black and white barcode. Those triangles house a web link that once scanned by your smart phone connects you to information, entertainment, or in our case a great Pirq.


We at Pirq are proud to announce that we are the first mobile app in the market with an integrated Microsoft Tag scanner. What does this mean for you? It means real-time offers of 20-50% off at some of your favorite local coffee shops and restaurants. Thanks to the Tag technology we can bypass the need to pre-pay or print coupons so your offer never goes to waste.


Getting the Pirq app is simple:

  • Download the Pirq app from the App Store for iPhone
  • The app populates your smart phone with offers near your current location (or where you’re headed)
  • Click “Commit”, walk in the door, then click “Redeem” to scan the Microsoft Tag in the business
  • Take 20-50% off the total when the bill comes


You’ll find the Pirq Microsoft Tags in 130 select dining establishments in Seattle and on the Eastside with more on the way soon. We hope you find Pirq to be a 2.0 solution to the maze and craze of daily deals.