The First of Many Pirqs!

Hey guys, I’m Dana, a 30-something (who occasionally says she’s a 20-something) writer who’s obsessed with two things: food and saving money. I wear both obsessions proudly. I’ll never be a size 2, 4, or okay 6, and I hero worship those extreme couponers who can buy a year’s worth of groceries for $1.67. So, a few weeks ago when I got asked to write for Pirq, it was like the mother ship calling me home.


Pirq is this amazing hyperlocal smart phone app that lets you snag real-time deals at some of your favorite restaurants. We’re talking 20-50% off your entire check! And, notice I said “real-time” deals. That means with Pirq you can cut through the maze of “daily deals” that flood your inbox; you don’t pay up front; and you never get hosed paying for deals you can’t use.


Today for lunch I popped over to Taco Del Mar because the Pirq app showed me they had a great discount running all day.


The deal was so easy to redeem. Here’s exactly how I did it:

  • I found the deal on the Pirq app and clicked “commit” (so it would be mine-all-mine!).
  • Once I was at Taco Del Mar, I went back to the app and clicked “redeem.”
  • Then came the fun part. I scanned the tag inside the restaurant (you’ll see them all over) to activate the offer. Slick, easy, done!


The server who was ringing up my taco salad, chips, and drink (we’ve established that I have a healthy appetite, don’t judge) was so excited to see how much my discount would be—30% thank-you-very-much—he seriously gave me a high-five! My bill was actually cheaper than if I had packed my lunch!


It’s super easy to get your Pirq on! Just head to the App Store for iPhone and download the free app. Fear not Android friends, your app is coming soon!


I’ll be sharing more great deals I find on Pirq. And hey, if you come across a Pirq deal that blows your mind, share it here! I’m always looking for new places to nosh, at a discount of course.